Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Service Work?

We have designed our processes to be as simple and painless as possible for our clients so that they can focus on their business.


  1. Provide us the source documents (invoices, statements, receipts)
  2. Delegate your bookkeeping to our team of accountants and bookkeepers
  3. The documents will also be entered into our client’s accounting system and we take care of reconciliations, government remittances, monthly financial reports and various other bookkeeping duties.
  4. Provide you with the necessary support for your ongoing success


Why Should We Trust Your Company?

  • Each of our bookkeepers are monitored by an accountant to ensure the quality and timeliness of their work
  • We make sure that you have easy and up to date access to all your records and Financial documents through dedicated online portals, so that we do not take hostage of your files


What are the Benefits for Going with your Company?

  • We provide a worry free bookkeeping service, with the time and energy you save from our services you can focus on growing your business.
  • With a clear picture of your company’s finances, we provide management advisory services that proactively help you manage and grow your business.