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Gifts from other registered charities

A registered charity should not issue official donation receipts for gifts (cash or gifts in kind) it receives from other registered charities nor should other registered charities insist on receiving official donation receipts. Official donation receipts that bear a charity’s registration number and other information are required for tax deduction or credit purposes only; registered charities do not pay income tax and, therefore, do not need a donation receipt.

A charity can acknowledge gifts received from other registered charities by way of a letter or ordinary receipt – one that does not state that it is an official receipt for income tax purposes.

The charity should still provide its registration number to donor charities for their reporting requirements.

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Important Change To Recordkeeping Requirements For Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations That Own An Interest In Land In Ontario

Effective December 10, 2016, every newly incorporated Ontario not-for-profit corporation is required to keep a register of the land in Ontario in which it has an ownership interest. Ontario not-for-profit corporations incorporated prior to December 10, 2016 will have two years to comply with the requirement to maintain a register. The land register must identify each property over which the corporation owns an interest and must indicate the date the corporation acquired the interest and, if applicable, the date the corporation disposed of it.

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